"Polish Balneology" Journal

This journal was published since 1954 four times a year and consisted of research articles in the area of physical medicine, balneology, climatology, balneochemistry, balneotechnic, rehabilitation, osteoporosis, history of balneology and diet..

Although the table of contents in the journal have both Polish and English version, the research articles have been in the Polish language with English summaries. All research articles from the Polish Balneology Journal can be found in the database but unfortunately, in the Polish language.

The future challenge for the Polish Association of Balneology and Physical Medicine under its current president, Prof. dr hab Irena Ponikowska, is to integrate research articles in English from various countries on balneology. The Polish Balneology Journal is now accepting research articles in the following field for publication. They are as follows: balneology, physical medicine and rehabilitation used in conjunction with balneological methods, total body cryotherapy, ozonotherapy, subterraneotherapy, speleotherapy, climatotherapy, balneochemistry, balneotechnic, history of balneology, thalassotherapy, subterraneotherapy and speleotherapy from your respective country, radon therapy and thalassotherapy.

Article requirements can be found here

The Polish Balneology Journal will send our complimentary issue to contributors whose works have been published in the journal. Likewise, the article in English will be included in the Polish Balneology database.